Photoshopping Thanksgiving

Hello IGWers,

Today I bring you a sad state of affairs. I am of course reporting of the ill-conceived notion of photoshopping peoples heads on turkeys to appear humorous. Not only does photoshopping human faces on turkeys a stupid idea, it lacks very little humor. Makes you cringe more than laugh. I wish I knew why people didn’t think of original Thanksgiving jokes. This is the bottom of the barrel. It is in fact so bad that I would rather buy a bunch of Circuit City gift cards for Christmas than stomach any more of these lame jokes.

To more innovation gone wrong!





Where do the tips cease?

Hello IGWers,

I have recently discovered one of the most assanine cases of innovation gone wrong to date. I know the bacon suit and the lawnmowing shoes are way up there. This is a couple of little words or sentences directed by the world’s largest man on the subject of not politics, sports, trivia. Oh no, this man who weighs a whooping 700+lbs. told his friend a lofty 990 lbs. how to lose weight. On this same line of thinking I believe I should ask the following people for advise in the following areas:

1. Miley Cyrus for the slam dunk contest (Is like 4 something feet tall)

2. Pamela Anderson for competitive chicken wing eating (She’s a huge vegan if you didn’t know!)

3. MC Hammer for financial advise (Went bankrupt)

4. Simon Cowell for manners advise (You know)

5. George Bush for info and tips on the spelling bee (Been alive the last 8 years)

6. Joe Camel for info on healthy lungs (old school)

7. Dick Cheney for gun safety (You saw the news)

8. Charles Barkely on the perfect golf swing (have you ever seen this man with a golf club?)

9. Kevin Mitnick on responsible computer usage (one of the biggest hackers ever arrested)

10. John Madden on sentence and grammar structure (Not a genius on the words)

Comcast Kidnapping

Hello IGWers,

As the blogosphere can attest Comcast gets a great deal of grief all the time. I see both sides and I’m not here to argue that point. I’m here to talk about an elderly man accused of kidnapping a Comcast employee after he disconnected his surround sound.

The technician according to statements in the Nashville paper stated that he was locked in the man’s house and the dog of the man’s was put to him.

For those of you that just hate Comcast you are surely saying this is about time. However, the case is customer service gets its revenge literally.

Another excerpt can be found at

To Comcast Gone Wrong!


iPhone Roaming Gone Wrong

Hello IGWers,

This story made headlines last year, but it bores repeating. Many people had the displeasure of experiencing an abnormally high data roaming bill for their iPhones. The last article I was reading put the man’s bill at $2100 dollars. Now, I don’t have $2100 for a cell phone bill so I thought I’d remind everyone. I’m sure everyone is blissfully aware by now, but 2k for a cell bill is a bit out of hand.

Thought you’d like to know.


The 99 cent Date

Hello IGWers,

Today we go to the world of dating for one of the worst innovations to-date. Yes, that is the .99 cent date. This is quite insane. One person actually tried it and ended up with some real dumb stuff from a dollar store, but I don’t think the dating continued. So in order to rectify the situation we need to understand what one can actually get for 99 cents these days.

1. 5-12 miles of travel

2. 99 one cent candies

3. a cheap greeting card

4. a can of soda

5. 2 stamps

6. a couple of minutes on an old-school telephone

7. paper

8. pens/pencils

Overall, this list could continue, but the prizes don’t exactly rack up. Spend a little money on the date to keep it going.

More later.


Lawn Mower Follow-Up

Here is a great IGW video. A woman looking like Dorothy from OZ mowing her lawn.


$199.00 Movie

Yep IGWers you heard it a movie rental for $199 dollars.

That is right. My building has a dvd checkout kiosk and it recently charged one of the members $199 for a DVD rental. That is insane. If you forget to move the decimal point in the system every one suffers including the customer, company and bank. Why isn’t there in a check in the system to prevent massive changes in the DVD rental system.

If you have ever paid over $199 dollars for a movie rental please let me know.

Innovation Gone Wrong