The IG Awards

Hello IGWers,

I was recently alerted to the IG awards. They state they are put in place to make people laugh as well as think. This year’s winners continue to supply the laughs.

1. Biology- bacteria from panda waste helps to reduce to reduce the mass of kitchen waste. (How exactly does one think of this solution?)

2. Chemistry – creating diamonds from Tequila (Jose Cuervo has always been a scientist in my eyes.)

3. Economics- An Icelandic professor threw a no-brainer saying that banks can fluctuate in size. Nice work!

4. Literature – a collection of traffic tickets in Ireland was the real gem this year.

5. Math- Zimbabwe decided to do a huge service to its citizens by printing bigger bills for its citizens thereby making the currency calculations easier. (Didn’t dress inflation. hmmm?)

6. Medicine- A man cracked his knuckles every day for 60 years to see if cracking knuckles causes arthritis. (WTF?)

7. Public Health- a pair in Illinois converted a bra into an emergency face mask. (I like the thinking.)

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To more scientific innovation gone wrong!