Facebook Chat

Hello IGWers,

Not that I don’t really like Facebook, but I’ve been caught trying to write to dozens of people only to be cut off. This sucks. At least with GTalk I figure out what is being said. It might be on their, but I haven’t found it yet. I like Facebook, yet my interest of it wanes in the summer as friends and colleagues maintain such sporadic usage.

To better messaging.



Funniest Facebook Apps

MTV put together a list of the funniest fake Facebook Apps.

Check out the list for yourself at http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1575607/20071203/story.jhtml.

My personal favorites are:

1. Hateorade by Gatorade- Where you give the drink of hate to those you don’t like.

2. Hottie Genes- Rate the most attractive people in your family genes. This one is super weird and goes in the super weird pile.

3. Lookie Me- This one specifies how much people should look at you on Facebook. Pretty funny if you ask me. Bet you the Facebook addicts would enjoy it if it really existed.