Numbered Foods

Hello IGWers,

I hate numbered food. When you make it you are counting. When you eat it you are counting. Here are some dishes I’m concerned about.

1. Seven layer salad- Minus one or two layers does this thing change name and number?

2. Pound cake- If it is under a pound is 15.5 ounce cake? That sounds weak if you ask me.

3. Mile-high enchilada pie- Ridiculous. Not only can’t you eat this where they are in meters you also are getting under a mile every time you eat. Terrible!

4. 15 minute Cheesy Chicken- Above 15 minutes it fails its name. Below 15 minutes it fails you. Terrible idea.

To more horrible food inventions gone wrong!



Food Porn

Hello IGWers,

I am stumped by this one. I have heard a lot of words for good food, but never food porn. I think that food porn makes food sound dirty, morally objectionable and a bit risque. I can handle objectionable and risky, yet I refuse to handle dirty food.

Food porn is probably a clever marketing gimmick. Just hope it is stopped soon. I mean their isn’t candy porn, cookie porn, or coffee porn.

Please for the love of the children.