Food Gifts Expire

Hello IGWers,

This innovation gone wrong comes out of personal experience. The product is a very creative recipe combination. This could be everything from cookies to cupcakes. The problem is not that it isn’t creative or clever. The problem is that people sit with creative contraptions for years. By the time that people decide to make the product, all contents have long since expired. Turns out not everything can last as long as Twinkies.

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Food Cards with Stipulations

Hello IGWers,

While I was dining out the other night I thought of a very funny idea. The idea is a gift card that comes with a stipulation. Therefore, you have the ability to give your friends a gift, but you can fight back if they have slighted you. Here are a list of some of the stipulations cards.

1. Pizza Hut card limited to pasta

2. AMC card limited to burned popcorn

3. KFC limited to vegetables

4. Hardee’s limited to fat-free items

5. McDonald’s limited to anything excluding Mc-items

More to follow

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