Neuticles: Your pets will have a ball

Hello IGWers,

Tell me something. Do you ever get in the situation where you have neutured your dog and all of a sudden Spike isn’t quite who he used to be. Well you are in luck. Neuticles has taken the liberty of patenting the cosmetic testicle replacement for pets. Now Spike is at least cosmetically back in the game. Please tell me if you are one of the 250k owners who purchased a set for their pet.

To more pet innovation gone wrong!



Frosting Flavored Deodorant

Hello IGWers,

A startling new revelation took place last night. Wal-Mart seems to be launching a frosting flavor and smell deodorant. Yep, you heard that right. Amongst many packages of Ax and Old Spice laid a canister of Funfetti. It is unclear how Funfetti was lying in the deodorant aisle but it was. Several questions have been prompted as a result of this startling find.

1. Must a person also put on sprinkles if they first put on frosting?

2. Does frosting anti-persperant last for hours/

3. Do you wreck every pair of clothes you own with frosting deodorant?

Chances are that miscategorization could have been the culprit, but I think that innovation gone wrong could reach new heights if it isn’t.

To more innovation gone wrong!