Apparently You Can’t Sell Votes

Hello IGWers,

You can sure sell a ton of different things on eBay, but your Presidential vote is not one of them. A University of Minnesota student was arrested last week and faces 5 years in jail for agreeing to sell his vote for $10.00 on eBay. I think that this is ridiculous. If you really wanted $10.00 why didn’t you just go fill out a survey online, sell a couple of DVDs or borrow it from one of your parents. This is one of the most ridiculous things I have heard of in quite some time.

To more foolish sales!



Microsoft Continues Its Streak on McCain

Hello IGWers,

So what is good for Obama is bad for McCain. Microsoft continues to dictate politics from spell check.

McCain is being corrected with cocaine and Novocain. What is worse? Having your name connected to a terrorist or illicit substances?

You can decide now and in November.

To Microsoft continuing to run this election.


Zima Gone Wrong

Hello Innovation Gone Wrong Readers,

I have faced a lot of scrutiny for supposedly liking this drink. I have never even had it. Zima is an alcopop. It makes you drunk barely and gives you cavities. I think it is a horrible invention, but some people still like it.

The drink was really popular back in the 90s with younger women, but it flopped as soon as it tried to hit men. It is pretty weak with Smirnoff Ice out does you.

The brand used to get heavy publicity in the days of Crystal Pepsi and Tab Clear.

To more alcopops gone wrong!