When the Score Doesn’t Improve

Hello IGWers,

Many of you probably are hitting the links this summer perfecting your game. However, becoming Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson is easier said than done. At times when you really aren’t hitting that 300 yard drive or hitting that 30 ft. putt there are some awards for you and your colleagues.

Check out Wannabegolfer.com for some hilarious awards.


worst golfer


To more golf innovation gone wrong!



Ridiculous Headcovers

Hello IGWers,

Golf is a great sport. I love to play it. I’m on again off again, but I still love to play. Anyway, the point is not my skill or lack of it, the point is that golf is one of those unique sports you can bring in some foreign objects in.

Headcovers are a classic example here. The intended purpose of a headcover is rather simple; protect the club. Yet does a high class sport like golf really deserve the following?




Excuse me, but when did ridiculous headcovers enter the game. If you have to wear a shirt with a collar, should you really be able to bring an alien onto the golf course.

To more golf gone wrong!


Man Takes a Pro V 1 to the Gut

Hello IGWers,

Innovation stops when people stand in front of a golf club looking for a shot to the gut. A golf ball shaped scar will not improve your golf score. I think? Just check this out and protect yourself from the people who confuse Jackass with the golf course.