Running Board Dog

Hello IGWers,

Somedays you just don’t want Fido in the car riding with you. He is going to bark and make a mess of the place. Well, apparently if you lived in the 1950s you used to be able to have Fido have his own little area alongside of you even while not being in the car.

running board dog

I don’t quite think it would work today, but I’m sure someone has tried.

To more dog-gone innovation gone wrong!



Uncomfortable Couches

Hello IGWers,

Now I’m all for expressing creativity, but sometimes it goes a little far in the furniture realm. When I’m watching the boob tube I just want to sit back and relax. Unfortunately for me I have to worry about getting comfortable in the following settings.

The Cactus Couch

The Oil Couch

The Fire Couch

Well hopefully you have a more comfortable place to kick back in the summer than those couches.

To more living room innovation gone wrong!


Interesting Find: Gift Cards Cure Aids

Hello IGWers,

I was reading the newspaper today and found out that gift cards are bringing down the rate of AIDS. I think that this is a bit crazy, but it is entirely true. Apparently giving out 100 dollar gift cards has reduced the AIDS rate for those involved by 32 percent.

I am starting to wonder what else nice gift cards could solve.

To more gift card innovations!


Food Gifts Expire

Hello IGWers,

This innovation gone wrong comes out of personal experience. The product is a very creative recipe combination. This could be everything from cookies to cupcakes. The problem is not that it isn’t creative or clever. The problem is that people sit with creative contraptions for years. By the time that people decide to make the product, all contents have long since expired. Turns out not everything can last as long as Twinkies.

To more creative food innovation gone wrong!


New Absolut Vodka Commercial

Hello IGWers,

I was watching television today and I saw an ad that was very peculiar. The ad was for a new flavor of Absolut Vodka. It depicted a very large man jumping into a lap lane. Throughout the duration of the commercial and the lap the very large man turns into Michael Phelps.

Maybe they were pointing to the hallucinogenic quality of Absolut. Can you you really lose 300 pounds in one lap? Will drinking Absolut turn you into Michael Phelps? How many people actually drink and lap swim?

All important questions, but I am sorry that I don’t have the answers.

To more alcoholic lap swimming!


Another Alarm

Hello IGWers,

I think the TV with a caution alarm is not a good idea. The problem with the invention is that you may hit the thresh-hold for alarms in a household. You have alarms in your clock, computer, security system and cell phone. I think one on your TV with a person talking and telling you to shut the TV off is something that people can’t really handle.

I usually leave my TV on for hours and hours. I don’t want a fake person to get on there and tell me to shut it off because they don’t know that I am watching.

Hopefully TV ideas improve.


Free Rice

Hello IGWers,

I just stumbled on Free Rice. I had heard about it for a couple of months, but I finally checked it out today. I think it is a great idea, however, donating rice is one thing; donating other types of food is another.

I decided to think of the worst foods to donate in mass.

1. Jello- This could be bad. Also, how exactly do you measure jello. I’d like to donate “some” jello? Wtf?

2. Burritos- Cheap burritos may be a college staple, but I don’t think they should be donated as regular food.

3. Hot dish- Maybe it is because I’m from Minnesota. I can handle hot dish, but elsewhere people would have no idea what is going on.

4. Pop or Soda- This is an endless mess. I would stick to donating water over carbonated drinks.

5. Bagels- I think that bagels are great, yet living on a bagel diet is tough. I tried to last for 7 days and didn’t last for one.

6. Can of corn- I think that corn in proportion is a great donation, while this is ok. A diet of can corn is ridiculous and should be stopped at all costs.

7. Jelly beans- Nope. This is not good. Jelly beans disguised as actual foods maybe, but I don’t think it would work too well.

To more hilarious food donations!