Bear Steals 3G from Circuit City…Circuit City Devastated

Hello IGWers,

It turns out that a bear broke into an electronics store in Colorado Springs. It seems obvious that the bear was looking for the iPhone 3g. Furthermore, the bear knew he could break in any time because he did not have to contend with foot-track. Best Buy officials secretly applauding the bear’s move.

It also appears that the bear was smarter than the general public for waiting a couple of days to activate his service. Perhaps this large mammal was laid off from Bear Stearns. This type of behavior is common of Bear Stearns employees. LOL?

What is next for nature? You will have to stay tuned for the latest in animal emotions gone wrong!



iPhones Gone Wrong

Hello IGWers,

I found a hilarious post about a bunch of funny stuff that happened because of the iPhone.

You better read it for yourself at

You will get more detail about the world’s highest cell phone bill, magic iPhones and the fake thumb surgery iPhoner.

Hope you enjoy.