Vice President Superhero Dolls

Hello IGWers,

Today I heard about superhero dolls for both Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. I’m thinking this is getting a bit too ridiculous. Kids know about this election more than any because it is in your face 24/7. That doesn’t bring two candidates announced last week to SUPERHERO status. I mean assume this scenario.

“Tommy, Do you want to go play with your Joe Biden Superhero today?” says Dad.

“I don’t think so today. He looks real tired and his hair looks all funny.” says Tommy.

and for Sarah Palin

“Angie, Do you want to go play with your Sarah Palin Superhero today?” says Mom.

“I don’t think so. She looks like she just escaped out of the Matrix. says Angie.

That is what I’m saying. You get students and kids growing up to vote on appearance alone. Not a good start.

So what we now have is a solution to get kids to vote with the dolls. We got the middle agers and then we convert slot machines into voting machines. The older demographic has to be familar with those slot machines. There America, problem solved everyone will now vote for what is up to you.

To fewer Vice Presidential Superheroes!



McCain has inability to raise the roof

Hello IGWers,

With all the alcohol that McCain’s wife can supply, John McCain still lacks the ability to raise the roof. It appears that John McCain will not be invited to any slam dunk contests any time soon costing him serious votes in the b-boy demographic.

To more McCain gone wrong!