Botched Music Genome Project

Hi IGWers,

Of course many of you know about It is an awesome site and part of my daily experience, however, it got me thinking. Now that Pandora essentially dominates the recommended music market there might still be an opening the other direction. That is in the unrecommended music collection. I’m talking about going right from Jay-Z and Rap right to Polka. Expand those horizons people.

Some other ideas I have for the unsuccessful music market include:

1. Songs play like in Pandora, but they all skip. How annoying would that be?
2. You are only allowed one download. That download is obviously delivered to you via golden ticket. Wonka suggested something like this.
3. The third idea is like Redbull/Vodka drinks. You are only allowed to listen to a fast song and then a slow song. Kind of like a depressant and stimulant mixed.
4. Local Fail- This idea is to promote the local bar karaoke talent. I know that some of the American Idol stars might have been found this way, but certainly not ALL OF THEM.

To more music innovation gone wrong!

Please check us out at Please feel free to recommend your innovation gone wrong ideas.



Mamma Mia is Not the Worst Musical Yet to Come

Hello IGWers,

Although ABBA is contending for the worst musical of quite some time, I think that other artists have yet to contend for the worst musical of all-time. Some possible examples include:

1. Backstreet Boys- Ouch this would be really painful.

2. David Hasselhoff’s Musical based on his wildly successful German hits would be very tough to take.

3. Lil Wayne’s Lollipop Musical- People get shot which makes it funny, but still rapping white people outside of Eminem would be hard to take.

4. Spice Girls- This would be hard to take. It would never get developed with Posh Spice’s expenses on wardrobe anyway.

5. The William Hung Musical would be very short and always off key. I would not worry about it coming out, but if it does be very afraid.