Borrowing my family’s DVDs

Hello IGWers,

I came across a website today that should be innovative, but I think it failed pretty bad. The site is The rationale is to save money on DVDs. I am all for it, but they ask you to go to a website to register to borrow DVDs from your friends. I would not bet on the long-term survival of the company. I am very concerned that people would just borrow from their friends anyway and what happens when you scratch or break a DVD? Do you have to pay the site or your family?

The idea to reduce rental costs is huge. The idea to get Mom and Dad to register to lend you DVDs is a bit insane. Hopefully the company can make it. They will have to target the right demographic for this to be a hit though.

To my family not borrowing all my favorite DVDs.



Free Trials

Hello IGWers,

I think that innovation often starts with something that you don’t know and then you figure it out.

I mean the testing of chemicals and bringing different things together is an excellent idea in creating innovative products. However, is a free trial offer really the best way to market that innovation. Now, I understand that offering a free trial for pharmaceuticals is something that might be ok, but aren’t there certain objects that just don’t need testing.

1. Netflix- Renting a DVD through the mail shouldn’t be free. So, I’m guessing that you have never picked up either a DVD before or are not quite sure how to take things out of your mailbox.

2. Free magazines- A free trial is interesting, but every month the magazine has different articles and different stories. Is a free trial for a magazine that perpetually changes a great idea? I don’t think so .

3. Free trial CDs- This used to be all the rage. I mean everyone used to subscribe to a CD warehouse and get a whole bunch of CDs. Now, with unlimited music online, I am going to need free CDs and much more than a free trial.

To more free trials gone wrong.