Television That Will Probably Not Work

Hello IGwers,

I thought about ideas for shows that would not work.

1. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous- Lifestyles of the Poor and Unrecognizable will not work.

2. CSI Miami, New York, Las Vegas- CSI Rural Idaho doesn’t work

3. Everyone knows Big Brother- Big Step-Brother doesn’t really work.

4. American Idol works of course- Mongolian Idol does not.

5. The Hills works- The Mid-Ocean Ridges does not.

6. Newlyweds works- The Already Been Married Forever does not.

7. Bridezilla works- Groomzilla is the worst idea for a show yet.

8. The Office works- The Gas Station does not.

9. Mythbusters works well. MythAccepters sucks.

10. Weeds works. Scrubs just doesn’t work.

To more horrible television!



Comcast Kidnapping

Hello IGWers,

As the blogosphere can attest Comcast gets a great deal of grief all the time. I see both sides and I’m not here to argue that point. I’m here to talk about an elderly man accused of kidnapping a Comcast employee after he disconnected his surround sound.

The technician according to statements in the Nashville paper stated that he was locked in the man’s house and the dog of the man’s was put to him.

For those of you that just hate Comcast you are surely saying this is about time. However, the case is customer service gets its revenge literally.

Another excerpt can be found at

To Comcast Gone Wrong!