Subway Predicts Purchases

Hello IGWers,

It has been awhile, but I’m ramping up for a holiday run so I thought I’d take some time. Today is a true story. I was eating at the birthplace of the rich Jared Fogle. I was casually walking through the line and then at the end the nice cashier asked me if I wanted sour cream or cheddar. Not knowing what the man had said I double took and he resaid it Turns out the cashiers have decided to save time by predicting meal purchases. This is not bad, but I was not expecting David Blaine to come with the $5 footlong.

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Animals get thrown in jail

Hello IGWers,

A very funny story has emerged from Egypt. It appears that a donkey has been charged with theft. Believe it or not, but the donkey was thrown in jail for the stealing of corn. The donkey was sentenced to 24 hours in jail. The owner of the donkey was subject to a fifty dollar fine. Well, I’m glad the donkey didn’t get charged the money, I’m not sure how he would have paid it back.

This does prompt a question. Do donkeys or any other animals get an automatic pass to kangaroo court?

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Parrot Accessories Gone Wrong

Hello IGWers,

Watching the Animal Planet today we came across some stupid innovations. Here is a detailed listing.

1. Parrot skateboard- Who the hell does this parrot think he is? He is not Tony parrot.

2. Parrot bicycle- Who builds these tiny parrot bicycles? Any growth in Q4 in the parrot bicycle market?

3. Parrot basketball- This is crazy. Hawks and Raptors only. No parrots are in the NBA. Why should we start now.

4. Parrot flipping wheel- Boring, a glorified nursing home trick.

Basically I got the solution to improve math and science scores in the United States. The solution is obviously to stop watching parrots attempt to play sports all day.

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Hondo and Habib

Video Games That Become Movies

Hello IGWers,

The larger than normal staff at Innovation Gone Wrong has determined that one of the worst fatalities of all-time is converting a video game into a movie. Watching these movies was more excruciating than sitting through Home Alone 4. Some of the movies that come to mind include:

1. Tomb Raider

2. Super Mario Brothers

3. Mortal Kombat

4. Street Fighter

5. Doom

6. Bloodrayne

7. House of the Dead (Rating 1.9 on Rotten Tomatoes)

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Hondo, Habib, Blair

Drive-Up Liquor Stores

Hello Innovation Gone Wrong Readers,

We at Innovation Gone Wrong have decided that the Drive-Up Liquor Store is a terrible idea. I can’t believe that the idea even exists. So apparently these owners never fully realized the extent of the drunk driving laws in the U.S. How long is this going to continue? What about SADD and MADD and all the other drink smashers? Where are these people?

I’d like to officially start a countdown on the official ban of these liquor stores.

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Couple Gives Up Baby’s Name

Hello IGWers,

I heard a very funny story on television today. A couple has given up the rights to their baby’s name. It is unbelievable, but they traded their baby’s name for a hundred dollars in gas. For a little less than 2 trips, the kid is now named after the radio station. This is going to be super embarrassing for the kid when he finally realizes that the parents were too lazy to name the kid on their own.

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