Buy one vehicle get one free

Hello IGWers,

Bailout nation in the states is clearly focused around the finance industry and the auto industry. While this is obvious, I have been reluctant to mention the auto industry until now. I know there are numerous models of cars that really should not be out on the roadway I will get to that another time. 

This update is on a situation in Belgium. Apparently in Belgium you can do buy one get one free. This is a bit ridiculous. The only restriction is the second car can only be up to 14,000 euros. I mean this makes sense for groceries and happy hour discounts, but does it really make sense for vehicles. What if they just make vehicles that people will want and overpay for like the Toyota Prius. I’m thinking that the automakers should all copy Toyota and make Prius-type vehicles that people really want. 

Detroit, why don’t you borrow Steve Jobs, RIMM and the Toyota designers to make the most addictive technologically advanced, fuel-efficient vehicle ever constructed.

To Detroit continuing to roll out Pintos.



Where do the tips cease?

Hello IGWers,

I have recently discovered one of the most assanine cases of innovation gone wrong to date. I know the bacon suit and the lawnmowing shoes are way up there. This is a couple of little words or sentences directed by the world’s largest man on the subject of not politics, sports, trivia. Oh no, this man who weighs a whooping 700+lbs. told his friend a lofty 990 lbs. how to lose weight. On this same line of thinking I believe I should ask the following people for advise in the following areas:

1. Miley Cyrus for the slam dunk contest (Is like 4 something feet tall)

2. Pamela Anderson for competitive chicken wing eating (She’s a huge vegan if you didn’t know!)

3. MC Hammer for financial advise (Went bankrupt)

4. Simon Cowell for manners advise (You know)

5. George Bush for info and tips on the spelling bee (Been alive the last 8 years)

6. Joe Camel for info on healthy lungs (old school)

7. Dick Cheney for gun safety (You saw the news)

8. Charles Barkely on the perfect golf swing (have you ever seen this man with a golf club?)

9. Kevin Mitnick on responsible computer usage (one of the biggest hackers ever arrested)

10. John Madden on sentence and grammar structure (Not a genius on the words)

Holy Balls…3 dollar M&Ms

Hello IGWers,

I was flying Northwest yesterday and I was disappointed to find that M&Ms now cost 3 dollars a bag on Northwest Airlines. I was very angered. I think that candy shouldn’t cost that much and definitely not that much on a plane.

To more candy gone wrong!