Tech Wax 2.0

Hello IGWers,

Today we take offline wax and put it online. I have not checked much into the product, but these are the following properties I have derived from the name.

1. Wax is intended for computers, cell phones, PDAs and devices connected to the global village.

2. The wax is user-generated. Possibly ear wax?

3. The wax can take the long tail.

4. The wax is part of the semantic web.

5. The people who owned the wax bootstrapped it.

6. The wax generates revenue from contextual search and advertising.

7. Wax doesn’t like Michael Arrington.

8. The wax is considering releasing a facebook app.

9. Your parents have no idea how to use the wax.

NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0: Wax in the 21st century.

Hondo and Habib