About Innovation Gone Wrong

Welcome to Innovation Gone Wrong. This site is devoted to a thorough understanding of the ideas that really should not make it to the top.

Innovation Gone Wrong was started with one simple mission. Expose the ideas that are ridiculous. I figured I have a bunch of wacky ideas most of the time anyway, why not write them down and see what other people think.

I also complained a lot as a kid and thought that this could relieve some of those hostile feelings and maybe even set a few things right.

Along the journey we will present images and videos that showcase the fabulous life of ideas that may not have been thought out long enough.

Stay tuned for the best in awesomely terrible innovation.

Innovation Gone Wrong Writers and Special Correspondents

Head Writer- Hondo

Special Innovation Correspondent- Habib

Special Innovation Correspondent- Ryan

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6 Responses

  1. Interested in what you think went wrong with Motorola. And what went wrong with their faded hit, the RAZR?

  2. http://goodoldraisinsandpennies.wordpress.com/

    hi! i just came across your blog browsing randomly…and i read your “about” — i love it!

    i just started my third blog (the above link) and its all about stupid ideas from my friends and i. like, really stupid.

    i would be honored if you’d visit….puh-leeeeeeeeze!!?

  3. I just came upon your blog, looking for “serious” innovation and I loved it. I’ve recently started my own Innovation blog “the Innovator’s sweet spot” and I’m always on the look out for innovations that are likely to work. During this search I do come across some dodos. My recent favorite is 5starbaby.com, a personalized birth anouncement in the form of a movie poster. This should find it’s way into your blog I reckon. I’m adding you to my blogroll anyway..

  4. Brilliant blog!

    I’ve been wondering, and blogging, about the relationship between innovation and mistakes, and whether there could be benefits for organisations to have a specific ‘Mistakes Policy’.

    The idea has been well received so far but, with your take on life, can I ask what you think? (If this is an intrusion, please forgive me.)

    Url: http://catchthevision.wordpress.com

  5. Hello, good site

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