The Illegal Alien Costume

Hello IGWers,

As you all know Halloween is just around the corner. Kids and adults alike are flocking to the stores looking for the best costume they can possibly find. However, those seekers now have one less option.

Apparently, Target Corporation had one costume that was just too much for people. The costume which was apparently in the stores had the following things: orange jumpsuit, alien head and a green card. I’m no genius, but how does this pass muster the first time. This is incredible. I certainly don’t blame Target, yet I still have to think someone might just thought that an illegal alien wouldn’t offend anyone. Who knows?

Tell me about your craziest and most awesomely humiliating costume!



New Absolut Vodka Commercial

Hello IGWers,

I was watching television today and I saw an ad that was very peculiar. The ad was for a new flavor of Absolut Vodka. It depicted a very large man jumping into a lap lane. Throughout the duration of the commercial and the lap the very large man turns into Michael Phelps.

Maybe they were pointing to the hallucinogenic quality of Absolut. Can you you really lose 300 pounds in one lap? Will drinking Absolut turn you into Michael Phelps? How many people actually drink and lap swim?

All important questions, but I am sorry that I don’t have the answers.

To more alcoholic lap swimming!