Innovation Gone Wrong Superfail: Dog Swimming Suits

Hello IGWers,

Many of you out there love your dogs to death. I commend you for having that enthusiasm. However, the people that service you and design products for your dog are responsible for the next innovation gone wrong. The invention is of course the dog swimming suit.

The dog swimming suit comes in one piece or two piece. This apparently only for the super trendy and a bit insane folk. The swimming suit is over 40 bucks.

I can’t believe this s**t. There are wars, poverty, starvation and people are buying these stupid dogs swimming suits. You know that dressing dogs in human clothes doesn’t make them human? I’m continually challenged to accept new levels of human insanity.

Enjoy the dog swimming suit. I can only imagine you have your dog wear it when you are walking your kid(s) on a leash.



A couple of funny mailboxes

I was scrolling around Oddee and they have a couple pictures of hilarious mailboxes. I’ll share my top 3 favorites.




It is quite apparent that innovation gone wrong can clearly involve your mailbox. My question is what did the mailman or woman think the first time this was out there?

To more innovative mailboxes!


Beanie Baby Hedge Fund

Hello IGWers,

What if Grandma wasn’t so crazy? I mean beanie babies were everywhere.

This prompted an investigation. The market is doing terrible. Would those little stuffed animals have helped line your pocketbook better than the market? Below are some of the questions we first investigated.

Some of our questions?

1. Are their beanie baby options?

2. Can you short the less performing babies?

3. How do you diversify in beanie babies?

4. Can you diversify with Hummel?

After calculation, we determined that if you held beanie babies over the course of 15 years until now. You would have pulled in a total of 23.4%. This would have been 1.56% annualized return. This out-paces the banks and some weaker returning funds.

Overall, beanie babies may not be the best return, but if you sold only the rare babies you would be able to fetch a price of 30x your original investment. This averages out to be 193% percent per year. This is astonishing.

Advice don’t sell your beanie babies in lots. Selling off the rarer ones for higher returns will beat almost any fund out there.

A Special Innovation Report

Hondo and Habib

Hilarious Restaurants

Hello IGWers,

I ran across a blog reporting of a hilarious restaurant today. Of course, the restaurant is in Japan. The restaurant is called Mayomayo. That is right. Nothing but mayo. Unbelievable, believe it.

The restaurant located in Nagoya even allows you to keep mayo for up to a month if you are unable to finish off a whole jar.

This sounds like a gastronomic mess.

Two horrific pictures to share.

The top picture is of the mayo storage area. The lower picture is of course of mayo ice cream.

To more culinary delights!


Crappy Jobs

Hello IGWers,

I know that many of you high school and college students are out there looking for jobs. Maybe you have your job as a sitter, a farm assistant, a lifeguard or a camp assistant.

Well I’m sure that many of you don’t like what you have to do to pay the bills. I have relief for you. No that isn’t money. Rather it is jobs that you didn’t quite make the cut on. Please enjoy

Hopefully your jobs work out better than theirs.