Can Kids Play here?

Hello IGWers,

I came across a site today called Dark Roasted Blend. The site has a couple of very funny pictures of playgrounds gone wrong. Visit the site for your self at

Here are a couple of the very funny pictures.




If the kids are not afraid yet, they will be. The funniest part of all of these pictures is that they are all real.

To more playgrounds gone wrong!



Smell Cell

Hello IGWers,

I found a terrible idea today. The idea is the smell cell. The phone lets you set the smell that comes from it to whatever you want. I think that a cell phone that smells stuff is not so good. Imagine if it released smells each time you were talking. I think that this could be a bit too much. Think about it. Americans alone spend billions of minutes on their cells a year. Do we really need millions of extra smells coming out of everywhere? What happens if you get into a crowded area? I can only imagine that it smells like a mess.

To the smell cell disappearing!


iTunes Packaged Deals

Hello IGWers,

This is more of a rant than a stupid invention. I have been trying like mad and failing to get multiple songs from iTunes. The purpose of iTunes is to be able to buy the songs you like no matter what. I’m not super concerned with the artists that don’t want to list on iTunes. That is their prerogative.

I am super mad about the fact that if you choose some rare songs it is quite likely that you have to buy an entire CD in order to get the songs. On a self selection music system, when should this ever be the case? iTunes stop busting my chops here. I want one song, not 14 and I’m not about to pay you another $10.00 just to get that one song.

Jobs…figure this out. Btw, you got lucky if you based your iTunes price to a gallon of gas. Now people can get 4 songs in comparison instead of 2 when you started. Nice work.

To iTunes becoming a self-healing body!


Make Me

Hello IGWers,

I found a new site today that partially qualifies for innovation gone wrong. The site is called The purpose of the site is to get two pictures together and see what the face of the baby will look like.

The site is super funny. I thought I’d try my hand at a couple of baby pairings.

1. What would the baby of the Incredible Hulk and Brooke Hogan look like?

That is The Incredible Hulk Hogan

2. What would the baby of the Cookie Monster and Ashley Olsen look like?

The Result is Cookie Olsen

3. The last pairing is a Grizzly Bear and Hilary Duff

Somehow the child is African American. I don’t understand this. Grizzly Duff must have happened another night.

To more funny baby pairings!

Please visit for all your hilarious spoofing needs.


New Absolut Vodka Commercial

Hello IGWers,

I was watching television today and I saw an ad that was very peculiar. The ad was for a new flavor of Absolut Vodka. It depicted a very large man jumping into a lap lane. Throughout the duration of the commercial and the lap the very large man turns into Michael Phelps.

Maybe they were pointing to the hallucinogenic quality of Absolut. Can you you really lose 300 pounds in one lap? Will drinking Absolut turn you into Michael Phelps? How many people actually drink and lap swim?

All important questions, but I am sorry that I don’t have the answers.

To more alcoholic lap swimming!


Wyoming and Colorado are one state?

Hello IGWers,

CNN posted an article that a stamp designer has designed a stamp for Colorado with a Wyoming mountain on it. This is hilarious. So in the great state of Colorado you couldn’t find a mountain that fit your taste? This is a major screw-up. This is like taking a picture of a different lake even though I’m from Minnesota and there are over 10,000 lakes.

Check out the full article at

Wow. Apparently stamp designing is a tough business.


While I’m on McDonald’s

Hello IGWers,

I think that it would be hilarious for the garbage bins at fast food restaurants to sing. I think that it would encourage people to throw their stuff away and it would just be entertaining. Think about this. You get “The King” to sing to you after you empty your tray. The funniest part of the whole experience would be the fact that if the door was held open it would be stuck on that note.

I think it would be hilarious, but I am open to contrarian viewpoints.

To possible singing garbage cans.