Naked Sports

Hello IGWers,

I was reading this morning about a naked soccer match that took place between Germany and Austria. Now this is the first time I have heard of naked soccer. I am not a nudist and naked sports are pretty scary to me. Following is a list of the least exciting naked sports.

1. Equestrian- Riding horseback naked is not such a great idea

2. Naked baseball- Again, getting a ball thrown at you 90mph doesn’t sound great.

3. Lacrosse- Why? These athletes wear helmets and pads for good reason.

4. Fishing- Hooks are sharp enough said.

5. Poker- At your home maybe, but at a casino this won’t fly.

6. Tennis- This is actually done somewhat, but it sounds foolish.

7. Raquetball- Have you ever been hit by a racquetball?

8. Curling- No one enjoys getting undressed on ice.

9. Ice skating- Going the same way as curling. No one pulls a triple axle in their birthday suit.

10. Golf- Not that you can’t but the beer cart lady may or may not stop depending on what she sees.

To more horrible naked sports!



I couldn’t believe it…inflatable dart board

Hello IGWers,

I couldn’t believe it until I saw it. I was reading about some less than stellar ideas and I found the inflatable dart board. What does someone have to be thinking to come up with the inflatable dart board? I mean I got this great idea to throw darts at something that will pop.

The inflatable dart board joins hitting golf balls into the ocean and exploding bocce balls as terrible recreational sports.

To more sports gone wrong!