Top 10: Worst Ideas of All-Time

Innovation Gone Wrong,

This list is devoted to the worst 10 ideas of all-time. Please let me know what ideas you think should be highlighted.


1. Bacon Suit

2. Wearable Dog House

3. Windows Vista

4. Kinoki

5. Dog Swimming Suits

6.Fake toast

7. Fat Suits

8. Martha Stewart’s The Apprentice


10. Lawn Mowing Shoes


4 Responses

  1. Funny Cuz, you are hilarious

  2. lol…not funny~

  3. The guy in that video is clearly a Mac Fanboy. Go back to your overpriced PC’s — and don’t forget your iMaxiPad, video boy. My two computers (one runs Windows Vista, the other runs Windows 7) run perfectly.

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