The Illegal Alien Costume

Hello IGWers,

As you all know Halloween is just around the corner. Kids and adults alike are flocking to the stores looking for the best costume they can possibly find. However, those seekers now have one less option.

Apparently, Target Corporation had one costume that was just too much for people. The costume which was apparently in the stores had the following things: orange jumpsuit, alien head and a green card. I’m no genius, but how does this pass muster the first time. This is incredible. I certainly don’t blame Target, yet I still have to think someone might just thought that an illegal alien wouldn’t offend anyone. Who knows?

Tell me about your craziest and most awesomely humiliating costume!



Death of a Palm Pre

Hello IGWers:

You’ll have to check out what happens when the Palm Pre collides with beer.
Amusement ensues.


Weighing Pumpkins

Hello IGWers:

When did pumpkin weighing become such a huge sport? Does it have any legs during the off-season or does pumpkin weighing only count in October. It seems like it has come out of nowhere to capture at least the news media’s attention. I guess 1600-1700 lb. pumpkins seem to capture the imagination at least for a couple of seconds.

However, do they behemoths have names? I just don’t know that the pumpkin farmers have with these overly large vegetables.

To each his own!


Marge Simpson Playboy?

Hello Innovation Gone Wrong Readers:

Tell me something. How does Marge Simpson end up on the cover of Playboy. I saw this in the news recently.
I didn’t really know what to say. Playboy is a world of hurt financially. Will cartoons drive back the viewers? I guess we have to wait and see. I have great respect for the 20 year run of the Simpsons, but did they really need to cross over into porn to make a point?

To more innovation gone wrong!


Italian Hotel Offers 1 cent room

Hello IGWers,

Apparently posting hotel rates is a bit too much for one company. Travelers to one destination are doing it a little bit cheaper than everyone else. There was a glitch on a travel site thus offering people hotel rooms for one cent. Maybe it is just my finance, but one cent is pretty cheap for a hotel room. I wonder if the people are making any money on this.

To more innovation gone wrong!


The Downward Gumball Machine

A while back, I was eating in a Steak and Shake and at the end of the meal I made my way over to the gumball machine. To my chagrin, I put my quarter in the machine and turned it over like I done numerous times before. However, this got me thinking. Do you really want to put a quarter in for a shot at a gumball. I mean this machine was ready to launch the gumball like the coins get launched on the Price is Right. The coins drop to uncertain results; however, in the restaurant the results are certain. If you are not paying attention your gumball ends on the floor.

My rule in situations like this is that in public places you can’t play with the 5 second rule. It doesn’t exist. You know restaurants, public transportation, public parks, etc. They are the wonderful hosts of things like SARS and Bird Flu. Do you really want to risk your life for a measly 25 cents? I didn’t think so.

Enjoy your next gumball wherever it may be. Note though that the lottery may be safer.

Innovations Go Wrong Every Single Day

The Fun Size

Hello IGWers,

Hope your 4th of July weekend was great. One of the questions perplexing me this weekend has got me up in arms. The question is simple. How do you determine the fun size? I mean the fun size evaded the Greeks and the Romans, but it has appeared in today’s society and it is wrecking havoc. I mean if an object goes beyond the fun size; is it fun? Nobody wants to admit that there product isn’t fun beyond a certain size so I leave this questioning more perplexed than when I came in.

Lets examine some of the items that come in fun size.

1. Candy. If I get candy beyond a certain size is it no longer fun?

2. Pitchers. If you can drink more of something is it worse?

3. People. Apparently according to the Urban Dictionary a short person can be called “fun size.” Is this right? Are tall people not fun too?

By a preponderence of the evidence, fun size is a huge load of crap.

The innovations gone wrong keep piling up!